Data preventative maintenance is better (and cheaper) than repair

data loss

Recovery begins before the disaster with the right backup in place - and you know your backup provider is focussed on full recovery because you’ve been given the right answers before you even knew the questions.

You’ve had your backups organised locally onsite and to a safe, offsite location so you can recover as quickly as you need to:

  • From local storage when you can
  • From offsite storage when you can’t

You can see your backups in a central, easily-accessible location and you manage them to keep your storage costs low and ready for recovery. You know they work because you test them regularly - and when disaster strikes, they do work every time, no matter when or where.

Not sure what to back up? Don’t worry, everything is backed up… Everything. And fast too. Once the initial image has been created, incremental backups are the fastest way to back up everything on a system. No matter how many files or what type they are; the operating system, programs, settings, favourites, all those updates and of course critical data, are all backed up. With realistic backup intervals at 15 minutes or less, losing data is no longer an issue. Incremental backups are completed in seconds or minutes, NOT hours or days like file-based solutions.

In today’s globally-connected business climate, 24x7 uptime has become the norm, which means protecting files and folders alone is no longer enough. Today's businesses demand technical solutions that can also provide full business recovery capabilities all at a low monthly cost, eliminating major capital expense. TechTonic IT is able to offer a higher level of data protection and safeguard all of the business applications you need to stay productive.

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