Managed IT Services Can Help Small Businesses Boost Productivity

By using Managed Services, SMBs can maximise their staff’s time and potential while they work from home - and beyond.


What’s the secret to enabling staff to work more strategically? The answer is TechTonic IT’s Managed IT Services, a cost-effective way to free up skilled resources to accomplish business goals.

Managed Services can deliver a wide variety of capabilities, ranging from computing, storage and networking resources to home-office management, cybersecurity, email and unified communications, including telephony services and wireless broadband. The common thread is that, along with the capabilities themselves, we also offer ongoing management and maintenance of the underlying infrastructure and end-user support.


There’s a lot to like about Managed Services and TechTonic IT can improve that even further by implementing technology to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping your business running smoothly by assisting your Work-from-Home task force.

Here are seven ways we can help:

  • Instruction and configuration for the productivity tools you currently have like Microsoft Teams (free and included with Office 365)
  • Implementation of the collaboration tools your organisation doesn’t have, such as a potential migration to Office 365. Or in some cases you may have migrated but are not utilising all the features included in the package
  • Guidance for users on how to use our Remote Assistance service, giving them priority help when they need it most
  • Assistance configuring web access portals or online storage or filesharing
  • Fast installation of additional software or hardware to enable or promote an efficient remote work environment
  • Custom solutions to support your entire workforce. As remote work increases, the demand on your Internet connection and bandwidth - both at home and in the office also grows. The capacity of your firewall and networking equipment is also subject to higher utilisation which may require an upgrade to handle the excessive load
  • Response to remote support calls and help to quickly diagnose problems

Please do let us know if you would like help getting these benefits set up for your organisation. Managed Services can extend your IT operations and free your people to do what they do best — make your business more successful, especially in these the most difficult of times.

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