We care When Apple-Care doesn’t

When your Apple Care plan can’t help, who do you call? The best Apple Mac Repair team in the Cotswolds, that's who.

All new Apple products come with Apple’s one year limited warranty, which doesn’t cover your machine in the event of things like water damage - neither does the Apple Care Protection Plan. In most cases, it's more cost-effective to throw a water-damaged Apple product in the bin and replace it with a brand-new model.

Or you could call us. Our Mac Repair services are fairly priced and designed to get you back on your digital feet as soon as possible. If it's viable, we’ll replace the affected parts and get your computer working again.

Our Mac Repair services are offered to home users, small & medium businesses, as well as enterprise users. We can repair the vast majority of Mac technical problems, such as Mac screen replacement, liquid spill damage, hard drive to SSD, backup and data recovery, memory upgrades, configuration issues and much, much more. Our technicians also provide network and remote support for your Mac devices.

Give us a call now and you're on your way to getting your Mac working once again!


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