Could you Survive a Major Network Outage?

Believing is not enough

A company's network is the key to its productivity. All it takes is one major network outage to shut down an entire business, losing hours and sometimes days of work in the process. You may not encounter network issues for months or even years, but when it becomes sluggish, choppy, or crashes, it quickly becomes a huge problem.

With staff working on separate computers, tablets and phones - plus demands from databases, email clients, applications, firewalls and more - you begin to understand the complexity and strain with single network handling all these requests at once.

Best practices advise you to develop a strong network management plan before major problems arise, but with the lightning-quick speed of business today, that's not always a realistic possibility. The good news is that no matter the state of your existing network, TechTonic IT can help you configure, maintain and optimise it so your network stays robust, reliable, and secure for years to come.