Hard Drives

Only top-quality hard drives make it into TechTonic IT's computers

Are you looking for a new hard drive that is both durable and smart in optimising data? We only use intelligent, reliable hard drives for desktop, laptop, NAS and servers at TechTonic IT. We have top-quality branded hard drives that provide optimum value for your money while simplifying workload and enhancing performance.

Data has become an essential part of the corporate world that we live in. Whether it is the banking sector, IT, healthcare or any other - all of these require data for better decision-making. This data is usually stored on hard drives in the form of databases. So, in reality, if data is the fuel, hard drives are the tankers that keep that fuel in place.

While hard drives lack the shiny appeal of graphics cards and processors, a high-performance, reliable, hard drive is essential. Particularly, a solid hard drive remains a necessity for a server, but it’s a consideration for virtually any computer. The hard drives we use edge out their rivals in both speed and cost-per-gigabyte. They are slim and light, transfer data quickly and get high reliability ratings from their owners. They provide excellent value, especially for those that want lots of storage capacity in a very durable package.

However, as good as they are all hard drives will eventually fail and there is no substitute for a measured backup plan. We own our own servers that operate in the UK so ask us about our High and Standard Availability Backup & Recovery services.