Custom Build Laptops

New laptops built specifically to fit your needs 

TechTonic IT's custom laptop selection is just as impressive as our line of desktops. We can customise laptops in the 14-, 15- or 17-inch display size range to make yours the ultimate portable machine. Our custom-built laptops can provide for any demanding environment from complex CAD drawings, high quality Blu-Ray viewings, video editing capabilities and more. All of our custom laptops offer exceptional graphics, fast memory and quality craftsmanship – and because we build them ourselves, we have the power to replace almost any module.

Every TechTonic IT laptop is engineered and assembled with the same build quality of our desktops, including suiting the hardware to your needs. Whatever your specifications are, we will align them with your exact requirements and specifications. Don’t know what specifications you need? No problem! Just tell what it is to be used for and we will ensure you receive a computer built for the job.

TechTonic IT’s custom laptops also offer significant advantages over the notebook computers you find at the Big Box chains. Our custom laptop computers are fully-optimised and configured for your needs. Additionally, our custom laptops arrive in your hands bloatware free – meaning you won’t have to uninstall or worry about resource-heavy pre-loaded software that sits there using valuable system resources. Another major advantage of purchasing a custom computer from us is the high-level of technical support you receive from our team.

Ask us about our laptop models to see the variety of options available to optimise your custom laptop into the ultimate computing machine. Choose the power of the system you want, the graphics processor that best suits your computing needs and added security and physical protection options that are great for the traveller. Check out the design features each of our models offer and learn more about the TechTonic IT customer service that sets us apart from our competitors. If you're looking for a custom performance laptop computer that offers the best performance and level of service, choose one from TechTonic IT. You won't regret leaving your Big Box Store desktop or laptop behind.